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Faculty of Psychology: first modern facility allows practicing counseling in real-life settings

Before BUSCO project, the faculty of psychology at the University of Iringa had only the building with infrastructures necessary for teaching and learning by doing for both the lecturers and students studying at the Counselling Psychology Programme. Now the faculty improvements through BUSCO project enable a completely new approach in the faculty.

With BUSCO project the Counselling facility with labs and therapy rooms has been established and are well-equipped with the required facilities such as furniture, recording and supervisory materials which enables teaching-learning process becoming more effective.

The facility’s conducive environment enables demonstration of counselling practice which benefits students in becoming more competent. Students practice counselling with real clients in the facility under supervision of their lectures.

 Lecturers have also been able to benefit from BUSCO project by being trained in various assessment tools and skills from partner University (Diak) from Finland. This expands their understanding and making them more productive for students’ benefit, for the University and the community at large.

 Benefits of the Counselling Facility to the Community at Large

The project has maximized the accessibility of counseling services to the community. This is because it works hand in hand with service providers who enable their clients to get counseling within their environment and in case of challenging cases they refer their clients to the counseling facility at the university. The facility’s environment allows both individual and group counseling.

The facility is very modern and has been said to be the first in the country available in Higher Learning Institutions providing Psychology/Counselling Programmes. It is the Hub of knowledge and lab for various Psychological/Counselling Innovations for both lecturers and students

Generally, the existence of the BUSCO project has improved the effectiveness of teaching-learning process to the university community. It has also benefitted the surrounding community through the established collaboration with the university.

Take a look at the facility documentary on YouTube.


Sara Yengu- Lead Psychology/Counselling Living lab (UoI Busco Project)

Heriel Mfangavo- Busco Coordinator UoI, Key expert (Psychology/Counselling Lab)