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Towards the Last Year of Operation with a Revised Project Plan

Busco has entered the third and the last year of operation in the spring 2019. During the second year 2018, the Tanzanian partner universities faced economic challenges that reflected the Busco project.  The number of key experts were reduced in the University of Iringa, but the main Busco activities have been able to continue successfully.

In SEKOMU, most of the Busco activities have been slowed down, since the Busco key experts are not working at the university anymore. Fortunately, excellent progress had already been achieved in many Living Lab activities in SEKOMU with the support of the Busco project. A good example is the Eco-tourism Living Lab which has considerably promoted the development of ecotourism in the region.

As yet, Master of Community Development and Conflict Resolution has not been accredited in Tanzania and it seems unlikely to pilot the program within the remaining project period.

In the spring 2019 and in the June meeting in the university of Iringa, the situation has been analyzed and a revised plan drafted for the remaining project period until March 2020. The main goals are to establish the developed activities, and to assess and to disseminate the results. A particular focus will be put on sustainability of the achievements.

by Elsa Keskitalo, Project Manager, Diak